Business Strategy

Our Mission Statement drives our business strategy.

1. We know how to find, develop and operate O&G wells that will make money no matter what the oil price. 

2. We operate our own wells at low cost. 

3. We are well connected in all phases of O&G. 

  • We have long-standing connections with experienced and successful service provider partners so we are able to maximize our success rate, and manage production operations so we are profitable whether oil prices are high or low. We focus on geographic/geologic formations (Louisiana, East Texas, West Texas) containing proven undeveloped reserves for which our Management Team has in-depth knowledge.  


  • We are able to select only those oil and gas prospects with a high probability of success. We make carefully considered decisions using the latest 3D seismic procedures, well logging and chemical assays available in our target reservoirs. 


  • We exercise financial discipline by avoiding debt.  We fund all activities with our existing cash flow or with money invested directly in our company.
  • We are connected with experienced companies and professionals that have a demonstrated record for finding, developing, drilling, and producing oil and gas. We’ve built our company’s strength with long-lasting and trusting relationships.
  • We have developed relationships with the best service companies, operators, geologists and partner O&G companies that give us access to the best opportunities for oilfield development.  It is only after careful consideration of the best opportunities that we commit our own resources to the project. 
  • We identify and lease our acreage from the ground floor and we own each project 100%. What this means; our geology team finds a prospect that fits our strategic criteria, we acquire all leases, permits, and contracts necessary for drilling the well.
  • We focus on our partners and investors by communicating regularly with them.  We utilize our Website, eMail, regular mail and telephone as needed to stay connected in order to make them part of our “Shale Energy Family”.     
Mission Statement
Executive Team