Mission Statement

1. We know how to find, develop and operate O&G wells that will make money no matter what the oil price.

2. We operate our own wells at low cost.

3. We are well connected with service companies, service providers and we partner with O&G companies that give us access to the best opportunities for oilfield development.

  • Shale is striving to be the premier Independent Oil and Gas Company for selected geographies and geologies we know are profitable.  We are headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana right across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans.


  • The properties we acquire and develop must meet the criteria of the prospect we generate and must have the profit potential for years into the future. Shale Energy engages in the exploration, acquisition, development, operation and brokerage of oil and gas properties. 


  • We seek Industry Partners and investors so we can build value through substantial growth in reserve base, production levels, and resulting cash flows from operations. We continue to do business with highly respected operators with whom we have successful long-term connections.

  • Our relationships with experienced, successful geologists and well operators allow us to minimize risk and be profitable whether oil prices are high or low. We accomplish this by focusing on geographic/geologic formations containing proven undeveloped reserves overlooked by major oil companies.
  • We maintain relationships with the best service companies, operators, geologists and partner O&G companies that give us access to the best opportunities for oilfield development.  It is only after careful study of the best opportunities that we commit our own resources to the development project.


  • We give top priority to our industry partners’ and investors’ financial success because we have invested our own money with theirs.  We treat our people, partners, investors, and service providers with honesty and respect, and observe the highest ethical standards regarding legal and environmental concerns.  And we stay connected with our investor and partners.
Business Strategy
Executive Team