Shale Energy International’s prospect evaluation process is the key to our success in acquiring the right properties for oil and gas production. The evaluation includes extensive research by experienced, exceptionally qualified geologists and petroleum engineers. Shale Energy International’s management and science team have over 100 years of combined oil and gas production experience. Our combined experience and knowledge allows us to identify prospects having the most potential for the highest level of production possible.

The relationships Shale Energy International has maintained with land owners and operators over the past 30 years are the source of our success. The properties we acquire and develop must meet the criteria of the prospects we develop and must have the potential for profitability for years.

Oil and Gas Production

Shale Energy International, dba SEI Operating, operations are focused in Texas. Louisiana Operations are headed up by SEI Operating, LLC. The U.S. Energy Information Administration cited this region in 2008 as having the highest onshore proved oil reserves, and roughly two-thirds of the Nation’s proven shale gas reserves. The EIA further predicts that approximately 44% of future onshore oil and gas production will take place in this South Central region of the United States.

Excluding federal offshore areas, Louisiana has known reserves of 458 million barrels of oil, 2.1 percent of the nation’s total, and 10 billion cubic feet of natural gas, 4.2 percent of the U.S. total. While crude-oil production and imports that are not sent to other states are processed at Louisiana’s 19 refineries, clustered mostly along the lower Mississippi River and in the Lake Charles area. With a refining capacity of nearly 3 million barrels per day, Louisiana produces more petroleum products than any state but Texas. Louisiana is home to about 18 percent of the nation’s refining capacity.